Sunday, 3 June 2012

Slowly getting better.

I ventured back to the TSA today. It wasn't as crowded downtown since it's Sunday, making the walk there a little less annoying. Today it was a 3 hour long pose.

I let my partner borrow my worn conte nub and used the first drawing to wear my new piece down. This is the result.

I didn't bother with site measurement for the first and just used it as a warm up. I also did a few studies of the hands and feet to get a feel for them. After I was satisfied, I started my first actual attempt (using site measurement and all that good stuff).

I switched seats with my partner midway through to get a slightly different angle. I also switched to charcoal since I don't want limit myself by only using one technique/medium. I attempted to draw much smaller this time as I need to get used to that.

I was pleased by some of the images I produced, but I still need lots of practice.

The trip back on the GoTrain say the least. A sporting game had just let out and everyone squashed onto the train....Sardine Style. We were left standing in a squashed group with barely a few inches between each of us.

I was happy to get out of Toronto and back to a city with much more sidewalk space. Toronto is neat to visit sometimes, but I find it tiring after a few hours. I always come back exhausted and generally have a headache for hours afterwards.

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