Friday, 8 June 2012

Life Drawing Dump

Above is a page of gestures we did to exercise control over the size. I tend to draw large when it comes to life drawing, so this was an interesting challenge.

The first row is 15, 15 second gestures. (I couldn't fit the full 15. I ended up drawing into the previous gesture a lot in an attempt to save space.)

The second row was 10, 1 minute gestures.

The third row was 5, 3 minute gestures. These turned great, in my opinion. (Except for the second from the left. It's stiff and I did not exaggerate the pose.)

Above is a 30 minute reclining pose. As Austin put it, certain parts of my anatomy are getting better while other parts are still behind. This leaves me with a sub par product. I know it sounds very negative to say things like that, but I like to focus on flaws first so I can learn what needs more work.

This was a 20 minute pose.

I forgot to post what I did in my last class. This classes focus was chiaroscuro.

We covered paper (in this case, Kraft Paper) with willow charcoal and used knead-able erasers to shade.The first image was a model under a sheet and then with the sheet removed. The second was a portrait. I was annoyed that it was a side view but there was no room anywhere else. ><

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