Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Figure Drawing 1 - Class # 3

A few 1 minute warm ups to start.

We did an exercise where everyone in the class posed for 2 minutes. (We could use props if we liked.)
Most people were pretty creative with their poses. These are my 3 best.

Above is the final pose of the class, timed for 40 minutes. This one was a challenge! Reclining with foreshortened limbs. I measured carefully in order to fit the hands and feet on the paper. (I hate when I cut out of the feet or hands. I tend to draw large.) This one forced me to use all the skills I had been taught. (Measuring how many heads long she was, what was the highest point of her body, what angle are certain things on, where was her elbow joint on her right arm, etc ?) I'm not happy with how the right hand came out...but I was surprised I produced the rest so well!

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