Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sheridan College - Accepted Illustration Portfolio

 I was accepted into Sheridans Bachelor of Illustration program with a score of 75/100. The cut off was 55 this year.

Part 1: The Drawing Test

1figure standing, 1 figure seated, 1 figure involved in an everyday activity.

 Figure in an environment. (I used India Ink, you cannot use pencil for this one.)

View out a window.

Drawing objects that resemble a square, cone, and cylinder. Then demonstrating creativity by having a change take place on those objects.

Part 2: Portfolio of up to 25 pieces.

Life Drawing: Various poses from 3 minutes - 30 mins

The bulk of my portfolio was figure drawing since I spent my 1st semester of Art Fundamentals focusing on improving my people drawing. 

Gestures: 30 seconds - 1 minute

 1 piece showing process work :

Sketchbook: This isn't the entirety of the two sketchbooks that I submitted, just a few choice pages.

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