Friday, 12 October 2012

Designing an original character : Part 1

I started my first baby steps toward my chosen schools portfolio requirements.

The drawing test requires the design of an original character. After going through various ideas in my head, I came up a messy sketch of this girl.

I liked how it turned out in the sense that she looks a lot different than what I would normally draw.

After a few hours of attempting to draw her in a pose, I realized that I will need another sold week or two of anatomy study to perfect the pose.

Since I had a face, I decided to work on various expressions.

The first sketch is the very last facial attempt that day. I made her look like she was beaming. The lips look terrible in the second sketch but I like other aspects, such as the eyebrows.

First sketches where I drew the face and re-drew the same face with a different expression and in a different position. (You can also see all of my guidelines. ^_^)

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